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It's Not Only  About Production - It's  Having The Right Product At The Right Place, When You Want It

         Urbana production FACILITY

The P. Terence Cultra family businesses specialize in the production and distribution of premium quality nursery stock.

The Urbana distribution center is for wholesale dealers only and is a full service provider of nursery and hardlines products to licensed contractors and dealers.

Fifth Generation Nurserymen - A Families Occupation Since 1865                1101 West Seminary, Onarga, IL           815.268.7771

The 60 acre Onarga operation is a field production facility which grows material which is sold through Country Arbors Nursery. The facility is not open to the trade or public.

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The 50 acre Urbana  operation is dedicated to the production of Perennials and Annuals. All product is sold through Country Arbors Nursery.

The 17 acre Urbana garden center offers a full service, one stop shop experience to the retail trade, providing a full range of horticultural goods and services.

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CULTRA Nurseries, Inc.

           Onarga  production FACILITY

One of the most difficult parts of being in the nursery business is the necessity of providing your customer with the right product at the right time. Striving to do this in the best possible manner has necessitated our company to develop both market specific and production specific operations.

Cultra Nurseries, Inc. is a wholesale only production facility open only to licensed members of the horticultural trade; it is not open to the public.

Although we have an extensive assortment of product which will become available in 2017, due to market demand our current product availability is pretty much limited to selected varieties of field grown trees and evergreens.

Please contact us for our current availability list; we certainly welcome new customers.

Donna M. Cultra